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Galway Bay Gallery was an on-line art gallery that represented the art of Musa Christo Engelbrecht and other Guest Artists.
Content is from the site's 2005 archived pages.

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The west coast of Ireland, that includes Galway Bay, stretching from Connemara to past the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare have been a haven for creative people, with a rich history of artists, musicians and authors that have lived here.

In an attempt to create a website for my own work as an artist, 
I have also included a number of invited artists to give 
them the opportunity to have their work on-line.

I hope that you will enjoy the art represented here and that you will come 
back on a regular basis to see what is new!
Musa Christo Engelbrecht




3rd September 2005
Solo Exhibition entitled:
"From the Outside, from the Inside" 
opens in the Russell Gallery at 7.30pm. 
A very enjoyable evening...
Go to the on-line exhibition

17th May 2005
Working towards a solo exhibition at the Russell Gallery opening 3rd September till the 25th September.

19th May 2004
Arrived in Samos, one of the North Eastern Aegean Islands near Turkey. Only brought gouache and watercolours with me and some small postcard sized paper...

29 January 2004
A new artist has joined this web site! Mary Ryan is a Textile Artist based in Oughterard, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. Mary creates unique works to commission for interior designers, architects & individual clients. Hangings and floor pieces are one-off designs crafted from quality tweed and plain wool fabrics.

29th November 2003
An Exhibition of new work by contemporary artists living in the Burren opened on Saturday 29th November 2003 and remained on view for December 2003 at the Russell Gallery, Newquay, Burren, Co. Clare.

Paintings by: Rita Wobbe, Hazel Walker, Fiona Murray, Judy O' Sullivan, Jackie Askew, Joan Hogan, Denise Hogan, Musa Christo Engelbrecht, Frank Golden, Manus Walsh, Maria Kerin.

Ceramics: Andy Russell, Stefania Russell

Textiles: Rachel Wood

Bogwood Sculpture: Ronnie Graham





Musa Christo Engelbrecht

Born 1948 in South Africa

1968 Graduated from Cape Town Technicon, Diploma in Art & Design
1970 Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Lecturer at M.L.Sultan Technicon and Natal Technicon in Life Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Photography and Printing Processes.
Various group and one-man exhibitions in South Africa.

Arrived in Ireland in 1978
1978 - 83 Textile Design and Printing Studio in West Cork, Ireland
1983 - 84 Denmark working on Audio-visual Projects
1984 - 86 Travel in Turkey and Egypt to study Islamic ceramic processes
1986 - 92 Established Ceramic Studio in Dublin, producing ceramic tile murals to commission
1992 Moved to the Burren, County Clare to return to painting and have the opportunity to perfect lustre glazes
1993 Established limited production workshop, specialising in Lustre Glaze ceramics. Jewellery, Wallpanels and sculpture
1993 Exhibition: Five Artists, Kinvara Courthouse, Kinvara, Co.Galway
1994 Exhibition: Gathering of Artists, Kinvara Courthouse, Kinvara, Co. Galway
1997 December. Group show, Kenny Gallery, Galway, Ireland.
2000 Group show. Gallery West, Kinvara, Co. Galway, Ireland.
2003 December. Group Show, Russel Gallery, Newquay, Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland.



Mary Ryan 

While teaching art at secondary level in the late seventies, I decided that, although I had formal qualifications, it was time to take myself off and get a proper art education. That process has continued since, both formally and informally.

Initial travels in Central and South America laid the ground for a deeper involvement in textiles, starting with a back strap weaving course in Guatemala. I later worked for as a textile consultant to the Ministry of Industries in Ecuador. More sophisticated design and production skills were explored while studying for a textile design degree in the eighties. Textiles became my medium but I moved from weave design to using woven fabric itself as my material.

My work is about the land and the marks that nature and man have made upon it. That can encompass the broad landscape or focus on its minutiae. I believe that the wool and silk mainly used makes works that look as if they have grown rather than were made. Even minimalist abstracts have an organic softness.

I am a 'returner' from an Irish emigrant family. A sense of place and history, fostered since childhood, feeds my work. Since returning in '96, I have exhibited in Dublin, Galway, Mayo, Donegal and in the Irish Pavilion at the Hanover Expo. I had previously exhibited in England, Scotland and Wales.



Finola Graham

Finola Graham title

Finola Graham signature

1963 Went to Paris after leaving school
1963 - 64 Studied at La Grande Chaumiere (Painting School)
1965 Won Concourse d'Entree a l'Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts with an 'A' which earned an additional scholarship for keep
1969 First exhibition at Maison des Beaux-Arts
1968 - 70 Worked with Gustave Singier (painting), Riccardo Licata (mosaic/painting) and with Nicholas Wacker in the Atelier de Techniques de la Peinture which he founded in 1968
1970 Completed Final Year in the 'Ecole Nationale Superieur Des Beaux-Arts De Paris
1970 - 78 Taught in Dublin and worked in own studio
1977 Exhibition in Project Arts Centre
1978 Exhibition in Peacock Gallery, Abbey Theatre, Dublin
1978 Returned to Paris (Beaux-Arts) in September to do post-graduate work with Licata and Wacker, and some teaching
1978 - 80 Studied with S.W.Hayter in Atelier 17, which he founded in Paris in 1927
1979 Exhibited with 'Racines' in Grande Palais, Paris
1979 - 80 Worked in Venice for 6 months on a French government scholarship
1979 Exhibited engravings in Segno Grafico, Venice
1979 Exhibited in 'Comparisons', Grande Palais, Paris
1980 Returned to Ireland to live and work in County Clare.
1985 Exhibition in Galerie La Sensitive, Paris
1986 Exhibition in Ennis Library, County Clare
1987 Exhibition with W.A.A.G group show, Hop Store Gallery, Dublin
1988 Exhibition in Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1989 Exhibition in Wolfson College, Oxford UK as part of the Oxford Ireland 89 Festival of Arts
1991 Exhibition in Duke St. Gallery, Dublin
1994 Exhibition in Merchants Arch Building, Dublin
1995 Exhibition in Town Centre, Tallaght, Co. Dublin
1997 Exhibition in Limerick City Gallery of Art
1998 Exhibition in Limerick County Library
2000 Exhibition in Logan Gallery, Galway
2002 Exhibition in Mrua Gallery, Bellharbour, Co. Clare
2002 Bienale - Liverpool, UK.

2002 - 2003

Finola Graham is painting a 30 x 40ft (9 x 12m) fresco in the Parish Church, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. 

Based on the concept of a church within a church with inspirational elements of a fresco by Giotto, 
Fr. Kelly is hoping for a grand opening on Easter Saturday 2003.




Jeff Rankin

Jeff Rankin
Jeff Rankin

The image is not self-contained,
it is part of an organic family and mystery is its food.

Constant distraction: ideas need to be included, added, reconsidered.

See too much, do too little...
Jeff animation
Born in 1952, I grew up as a white South African looking for paths of resistance. My training in Fine Art & Printmaking (1971-75) in S.A. and the U.K. was formative in the development of a critical / satirical approach, and encouraged my interest in books and other publications as effective vehicles for the artist's statement.

Since 1976 I have been involved with the teaching of Art & Design, while continuing with my own creative pursuits. The interest in print and books directed me toward various applications such as: book/magazine illustration and design for publishers (1977 to present: SA and Ireland), satirical comix (1985-86: SA), a 10-year period as political cartoonist for 2 newspapers (1982-94: SA), and my current interest in the Artist's Book.

This focus runs parallel with my work at the School of Applied Art, East London, South Africa. We have developed a Fine Art course that is centered around a narrative and storytelling theme. This direction has evolved in response to our geographical context: the Eastern Cape Province is rich in the storytelling tradition. Our aim is to explore this tradition so that students can, through their art, begin to tell personal and contemporary stories with which they identify.

My work has been shown in two one-man exhibitions (1977 & 1986: SA), and has been part of many group and touring exhibitions (1975 to present: SA, UK, Belgium). Prints and drawings are held by two public collections (Durban and East London, SA) and several private collections in South Africa.

I am currently working on two concepts, to be exhibited as "book proofs" in July 2000, at the National Festival of the Arts, Grahamstown, SA.

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, School of Applied Art, East London, South Africa 1973: National Diploma (Fine Art): Natal Technikon. (SA) 1775: Advanced Certificate (Printmaking): College of Design, Croydon, UK. 1983: National Higher Diploma (Fine Art): Natal Technikon. (SA) 1997: M. A. (Fine Art): University of Stellenbosch. (SA)




Ronnie Graham

Originally from Co. Down, I started carving in Belfast in 1981 ..... something to relieve the tensions of the time. 
It was bog-wood (oak, Scots pine and yew) that truly triggered the imagination and since 1982 I have obsessively worked on nothing else.
It's the ancient nature of the timber that intrigues and confuses ..... a 5,000 year-old wood buried and preserved in the extensive bog-land of Ireland. Some of these ancient trees died due to climatic changes, others due to the farming techniques of our stone age ancestors. Thousands of years later, they re-appear due to turf-cutting, land drainage and occasionally, tidal action.

That's when I find them..... The bog wood seems to emit a haunting power - the perfect medium for the imagination of a sculptor who chooses to work with the material. Such treasures refuse to be forced. On this website you will find a variety of my work.
Dimensions are given in inches (height by width by depth). Most of the sculptures are for sale..... There is always work on the go. Sculptures can be boxed and sent worldwide. Prices on request, comments welcome.

"Nature's work is the best chisel of all." (Adapted from J.Teixido.) Irish bog wood is a finite resource - it ought to be treated as a national treasure.

"The Waiter" 
(Bog Oak) 
57" X 14" X 8" 
Named by a waiter in "Rosaleens Restaurant" in Kinvara, after sharing the cafe floor-space for a few weeks. 
Two pieces of bog-oak, emerging as one.

"One World" 
Bog Oak 
46" X 12" X 12"
Carved a few years back, now more relevant than ever as Ireland get visitors from afar. Different therefore equal.



Nicole Haberger


Nicole Haberger

Photo of Nichole Haberger

Nicole's signature

Born in South Africa 
Later moved to Austria but returned to South Africa to study Fine Arts. 
Graduated from Pretoria Technicon in 1989. Worked as studio assistant for Arnulf Rainer. 
Moved to Ireland in 1993. 
Currently a member of the artist's co-operative 'Artspace' 

Solo exhibition: IPGP Gallery, Vienna (1994) 

Group exhibitions: Various student group exhibitions in South Africa. 

Christmas Show, Artspace, Galway 

Town Hall Theatre, Artspace, Galway 
RHA annual exhibition, Dublin 
Design Concourse, Galway
Commission for Galway Railway Station Mosaic Project, with Anja Sammon, Kate King, Lidia de Lange and Marie Lahaye Roundstone Arts Symposium Kenny Gallery, Spiddal Christmas Show, Artspace, Galway 

Lambay House Contemporary Art Gallery, Howth, Co.Dublin 
Open Studio, Artspace, Galway 

Roundstone Art Symposium

Stable Gallery, Roundstone, Connemara, Co.Galway 
Designed poster for the Roundstone Arts Festival

Dog wagging his tail...